Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's snowing!

So, it's snowing in Delaware.  Yay. 

  I remember when this was fun.  Staying home.  Sledding.  Eating snow until your face was frozen.  Those days are long gone.  Now the grumpy, almost thirty me grumbles at "those damn kids" wearing their pj's inside out, wishing for a day off of school.  Don't they know work doesn't let out for snow?  Brats. ; )

  I do love snuggling up to my hubby, Tom, and my cat, Sheldon, on these nights.  I also love making a big old, stick to your ribs dinner.  Tonight was turkey cutlets with pan gravy (I finally found the perfect use for my herbs de provence).  I roasted up some multi-colored fingerling potatoes - - thanks to our 45 minute trip to Wegmans last weekend - - that were tossed in olive oil and rosemary.  And we had a  - - slightly squishy - - tomato salad .  And a slice of Tastefully Simple homemade beer bread.

No recipe.  Just threw it together.  I'm starting to realize that those are my best meals. 

   I love all of the watching and waiting that goes into a meal like this.  Temperature too low?  Boost it up to 400!  Ooops.  There goes the smoke alarm.  Potatoes are officially done.  Turkey released itself from the pan - - flip 'em!  Make a quick roux.  Throw in some stock.  Hello Gravy!  It was yummy.  And I still have enough Weight Watchers points for some hot cocoa.  OK.  Maybe snow isn't so bad.

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